Spotify Premium Mod APK December 24 [Unlocked, No Ads] Latest Version

About Spotify Mod APK

We know that Spotify Mod APK free gets annoying, due to restrictions such as limited song skips, low quality music and a lot of ads. But you don’t need to worry anymore!

You can use Spotify premium mod unlocked version and get almost all the premium features without paying anything.

Spotify mod unlocks all premium features including unlimited skips, the ability to play any song from a playlist, unlimited shuffling, and blocking all ads. You can also use the search bar.

Download Spotify Premium mod and enjoy unlimited music without interruption. Spotify Premium allows you to:

  • Unlimited Music skips
  • download music offline
  • Advertising
  • Plays any music
  • No forced mixing
  • offline listening
  • high quality sound

if you cannot get premium features with this mod app then please try these options:

  • Delete the original version  of the application
  • Download and install the Spotify mod from this page 
  • Login to your account 
  • If you don’t see premium features, force stop the app, clear the cache, and open the app again 

How to Download Spotify Premium Version for Android?

You can download the latest Spotify app for your Android smartphone and tablet device from the download links provided at the top of this page.

  • The Spotify Premium shared with you is carefully checked by our team, it is virus-free, verified, safe and secure to install. 
  • We always try to update this page to the latest version, so if you are one of those who always want to have the latest version, then we recommend you to bookmark this page.
  • Did you know that you can now get Spotify for free not only on Android, but also on computers and other mobile devices, including iPhone, Mac OS and Windows PC? Find out more in our guide.

How to install a premium modded application?

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to help you with the process of downloading and installing Spotify on Android:

  • Download the latest version of Spotify Premium APK from the download link given at the top of the page.
    Click on the downloaded file to begin installation. The file will be called
  • Depending on the version of Android OS running on your phone, you may see a warning message that says, “For your safety, you are not allowed to install unknown apps from this source on your phone.” Click the Settings button.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources
    A new menu will open with the Allow from this source option. Tap the switch next to it to enable the installation.
  • Install Application
    Now go back to the installation screen. You’ll see a list of all permissions required by the app (if any). Click on the Install button.
  • Open Application
    Click on the Open button to launch the Spotify application.
  • Login to your Spotify account
    To log into your account, you will need to login using your Spotify credentials, that is, your email address and password. If you don’t already have an account, we recommend creating one. Otherwise, you can also use the Facebook Connect option.
  • Once you log into your account, you will be able to enjoy premium features.
  • Premium features include playing any music from any playlist, unlimited skips, high-resolution audio streaming and many other premium features.

If for some reason the premium features are not showing up, then close the app and “Force stop” it from the app settings (You may need to do this once or twice to activate the premium). If in any case, you are unable to log into your account, then we recommend that you refer to the FAQ section at the end of this article, where we have a troubleshooting guide to help you fix any known issues.

Key Features of Spotify Mod

  • Spotify Connection Unlocked: Spotify connection is unlocked to log in or register a Spotify account using your Facebook account for easy access.
  • Visual Ads Blocked: All on-screen ads are blocked.
  • Audio Ads Blocked: Audio ads very often interrupt the music experience and break the momentum; the modded version also removes these ads.
  • Search enabled: Premium mod allows you to search the music playback bar and allows you to play any part of the song, no matter how many times you want to listen.
  • Select and Play Any Song or Album: Maximum ability to select and play any album or any music from any album without restrictions without asking to purchase a premium plan.
  • Unlimited Shuffle: Spotify Free gives you shuffle music experience only, but you can use unlimited shuffle and play any song from the list with Spotify Premium mod.
  • Ability to select any song: Playing music from an album or through the artist page, the mod will allow you to select and play any song or piece.
  • Extreme Audio Unlocked: Spotify has this feature to choose between audio playback quality; The mod unlocks and allows you to play in high quality audio format.
  • Repeats included: The free one will not allow you to repeat the music. With the Premium mod, you can use the repeat feature to listen to your favorite soundtrack repeatedly without any interaction with your end.
  • Canvas included: Canvas is a fantastic new Spotify feature for artists. They can add album art with a short video or animation that continues to play if the user is in the Now Playing section while music is playing.
  • Storyline included: With Spotify’s Storyline feature, you can feel a little more connected to the artist while music is playing, as it shows the ideas and lyrics of the music that’s currently playing.
  • Theme support: With the help of a mod you will be able to change the appearance of the application using specially designed themes.
  • Disabled or removed unwanted permissions, sinks and services: The app had many unwanted sinks, services and permissions that were overloading the system and consuming battery power, all of which have been removed and disabled.
  • Analytics/Crash Reporting Disabled: Spotify generates analytics and crash reports based on your app usage by default; This feature has been disabled to reduce application memory consumption.

Spotify Paid Features

  • Download music and offline listening – You can download the entire playlist (limited to 3333 tracks) and listen to it even if you are somewhere without an active internet connection. Offline listening helps save significant amounts of data and Internet bandwidth.
  • Best Sound Quality – Each soundtrack is available in three different qualities, i.e., Normal, High and Extreme. The extreme quality is known as premium, in which the music is played at 320 kbps, making your music experience more enjoyable and immersive.
  • Zero commercials – You can listen to your favorite music and soundtracks without watching a single commercial, including removing audio and visual advertisements. This way, there will be no interruptions in your music listening experience.
  • Play any soundtrack – Yes, the Freemium version does not allow you to skip a track. But with Premium, you get more control over the player as it allows you to play any music you want, whenever you want without any restrictions. Just find it and play.
  • Unlimited Music Skips – Now you don’t have to wait for the music to end because you will have the option to skip the current song any time you want and start listening to the next soundtrack in your playlist.
  • Search enabled – You can easily select, select and play any specific piece of music, podcast or soundtrack as the search bar is enabled and allows you to rewind and forward as well.
  • Unlimited Shuffle – Yes, the Freemium version limits you to shuffle and you cannot play any soundtrack you want from the playlist. But with Premium, you get unlimited scarf.
  • Save Disk Space – By streaming all your favorite music and soundtracks online directly from Spotify’s servers, you can save a significant amount of disk space on your device. However, streaming music will consume a bit of your internet data, so be wise when traveling or turning off your WiFi connection to save bandwidth.

Frequently Asked Questions – Questions and Answers

Spotify is not officially available in my country. How can I bypass country restrictions?
First, download and install the Spotify Premium mod on your Android using the tutorial given above. Then, check out our step-by-step guide here that will help you remove country restrictions and use Spotify Premium for free on Android.

What is Spotify Premium Mod Apk and how does it work?
Spotify Premium is a modified and unlocked version of the original Spotify app. It unlocks all premium features without paying any subscription for an unlimited period on Android devices.

Is the Spotify mod version safe?
Yes, it is completely safe to download, install and use Spotify Premium Mod APK on Android devices.
We always perform thorough tests on Android apps to check for viruses and malicious codes. We found that the unlocked Spotify app is completely safe from viruses and security issues.

Why can’t I skip songs on Spotify and don’t have unlimited skips?
This usually happens when you already have the official Spotify app installed on your Android device and then you try to install a mod version on top of it.
The only way to fix it is to first completely uninstall the original Spotify app from your device and then download the Spotify mod app from the link given at the beginning of this article and do a fresh installation. We already have a detailed installation tutorial above.

Why does Spotify ask me to upgrade to Premium when I try to download music?
Spotify offers two types of accounts, i.e., Free and Premium. Features like offline listening, music, and album downloads are server-side and are directly linked to your Spotify account type.
If you have a free Spotify account but use the mod app as a bypass to enjoy premium features, then you will not be able to download any music. To unlock offline listening and downloading, you must have a premium account.

How much does Spotify Premium cost for a year?
If you want to purchase Spotify Premium, it will cost you $9.99 per month. The cost of a student ID was $4.99. Some special offers and discount offers also get you the first three months of subscription for less than $3.99.

Can it damage my device?
No, we do thorough checks before offering any APK.

How can I get Spotify Premium APK?
Just download the latest version and install it on your phone. Valla, you have premium features for free.

Completion Notes

So, here you have it! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Spotify Premium for free. With the mod version, you will have access to unlimited music streaming and downloads without any interruptions or ads. Overall, this is a great way to save money while still enjoying your favorite tunes. So go ahead and take advantage of this amazing opportunity while it lasts!

Please leave your query in the comments below if your question was not answered in this section above.

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