Carbon Copy Cloner Crack

Carbon Copy Cloner Crack is The first bootable backup solution for Mac is better than ever. If something goes wrong with your hard drive, you can boot from the backup and continue working. Carbon Copy Cloner fixes disk problems whenever you have free time. If something goes wrong with your hard drive, you can boot from a backup and continue working. Troubleshoot disk problems whenever you have free time.

Supported Operating Systems

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

Key Features:

  • Intuitive and Efficient: We’ve redesigned Carbon Copy Cloner’s interface to make it easier than ever to use! Schedule, group, and sort tasks, run backups, and access your drive center—all from one window.
  • Clone Trainer: We are backup experts and want to help you develop a reliable and functional backup strategy.
  • Task Outlook: Task groups make it easier to coordinate the schedule of multiple tasks by providing a perspective chart of upcoming tasks. Grouped tasks can be scheduled individually, or you can run all tasks sequentially by scheduling a group.
  • Bootable backups: If your hard drive crashes, you can boot from the backup and continue working. Troubleshoot with Carbon Copy when you have free time.
  • Group and sort tasks: Organize tasks into groups to visually organize them. Run a group of tasks with one click or schedule the entire group to run at once. You can also sort tasks by name, exit status, last run date, next run date, or manually.
  • Smarter Security: Create a bootable clone of your hard drive, but keep copies of recently deleted and modified files, just in case. SafetyNet has gotten even smarter: if you run out of space during a backup, Carbon Copy will automatically free it up and resume the backup.
  • Task History: Quickly see when tasks were completed and whether they were successful. Narrow the list by task name, source volume, target volume, or due date. Get detailed information and advice on tasks that led to errors.

What’s new?

  • A new file copier that delivers faster performance and includes several new features described below.
  • Compare: Offers a visual comparison of the source and target task files and provides detailed information if the differences are the result of the task filter.
  • The new Dashboard offers one-click access to start, stop and monitor CCC tasks, as well as detailed information about recent task activity. The Dashboard also tells you how to use a disk snapshot on your startup disk.
  • Post-flight check of files that were copied by the current backup job.
  • Special scanning of files copied by the current task – source or target.
  • The Snapshot Navigator lets you navigate through older versions of backups and get a preview of files as they were at specific points in time.
  • Fast Update reduces backup time by comparing a shortened list of folders provided by the macOS FSEvents service.
  • New scheduling option that allows you to run a task when a certain number of changes have been made to the source.
  • A backup audit shows what was backed up by backup tasks and why.
  • Dark mode support.
  • Task Preview: See what changes CCC is going to make before they are made.
  • Monitor file copier CPU usage for each task.
  • You can temporarily pause the backup task.
  • New, cleaner user interface. We’ve reorganized the main window to be smaller and many controls and font sizes to be larger.
  • Improved Easy Mode – No more need to exit and re-open CCC to switch modes.
  • More detailed indication of task progress, including an estimate of the remaining time.
  • File processing and transfer speeds are now displayed in real time while backup tasks are running.
  • Items that cause task errors can be excluded directly from the “Task History Errors” table.
  • The CCC task filter now supports “backupd” exceptions for macOS (i.e. the exceptions defined for Time Machine).

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