Burp Suite Professional Crack 2023.11.1.4 + Key

Burp Suite Professional Crack Many of us who are not very close to web security and do not understand web security systems are not aware of this term. So for those who really don’t know about it, let’s slow down a bit and explain to you what it is. Burp Suite is a web application security software that is used to detect and fix vulnerabilities associated with a specific website.

This application can do a lot, but we will talk about the most basic part of it, which is used before searching for vulnerabilities. This is the “Proxy” tab.

As we can see in the image above, I visited amazon.com. In the proxy tab I see 3 tabs, all requests and responses are stored in the HTTP history tab, this lists all the URLs that redirect us to different endpoints.

If we visit any URL redirecting us to any web page, we will see that there are some headers and they have some meanings, what you see in these headers they have a certain meaning and show us what goes in displaying the information that we we want to see.
Parameters such as those in a GET request require several parameters to display the HTML page, these parameters are called GET request attributes. And everything that is associated with changing the behavior of the page, that is associated with changing the content of the page (for ease of understanding), refers to the POST request. So you’ll see a lot of GET and POST requests here. So, to give you a little background on query answering, we’ve given you a very brief and general overview of what these two types of queries are.

Now the question arises, how can this help us in detecting vulnerabilities? It turns out that before we can hit any target, we have to analyze it, hence by analyzing the target by what GET parameters it accepts and what response it generates, we can get an idea of ​​how the server backend works. By generating a response to a request we can also identify potential vulnerabilities, for example there is an attack known as XXE (XML-external-entity). This attack uses the XML format of our data, which is recorded and potential data is extracted.

Burp Suite: A Must-Have Tool for Any Security Professional

Let’s move on and look at this in a little more detail. As we can see, next to the Proxy tab there is an Intruder tab. It is used to attack the server using various data, mainly usernames or passwords, for accelerated brute force. Burp Suite provides us with all the tools we need to hack a web application piece by piece. One such tool is the intruder, for which we need to know how it works and the intruder will do all the work for us. A very similar tool to Intruder is John-the Reaper in Kali Linux, so if we want we can compare it with john-the reaper or air-crack ng from Kali Linux.

Burp Suite provides us with various other tools and software to perform deeper scanning and testing of web applications. Most of them are provided in the Burp Suites Professional version, which is a paid version, but I mostly use the community version, which is free and open source. Potential threats to which a particular website is exposed need to be identified, and once identified, they need to be addressed and analyzed. The professional version of Burp Suites makes all this very easy and efficient.
Let’s look at the following example: I went to makemytrip.com. To understand the situation, we will look at the requests, responses and pages returned for these requests.

Now let’s see what responses come to the request when we enter a fake mobile phone number. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the HTTP History tab in the proxy section and look for a POST request that accepts a mobile phone number and changes the state of the page.
  2. Right-click on the request and send it to the relay so we can analyze which endpoint hits the request and analyze potential threats.

So here I have entered a random phone number and we see that the request is sent, so this is a small bug you can say as we see the message despite the wrong number, so this is how people with evil intentions create false requests, perhaps , the provided link can even be used for phishing attacks.


Finally, to wrap up the point of this blog, we looked at a few examples and saw how important it is to identify requests and responses, read them carefully, and check them. We also talked about how the various tools in the burp toolkit are used (the main ones are covered here). Thus, we ourselves are responsible for our own safety, and knowing this will help us protect ourselves, so we believe.

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