Fraps Crack 3.6.4 + Keygen Full version [Windows]

Fraps crack Keygen Full version

Fraps crack is an updated and reliable program for games. By using many of them, we will be able to play games without much effort. Fraps can be a useful tool that worked for our identification of frame rates and activity benchmarks. This is a simple graphics software. The purpose of this program is around FPS shows and screen recording activities. Many have a very easy-to-use interface when using a convenient library of dental apps. Cracks has a special voice recorder which is very useful for screen recording. This is a top rated app and has positive reviews on other websites. We can take a screenshot on the screen with just one keystroke.

The Fraps crack, released in 2014, is designed for the sports fan who wants to play the game and record their screen. Many receive friendly help menus. All devices feel safe on the display. Fraps for Mac provides your preferred graphics and display software in opposition. Additionally, the FPS speed is displayed when performing an action.

Fraps Crack is a utility for creating screenshots and videos from our PC. Run it in the background while gaming, check your frame rate, shoot videos, and take screenshots with ease. In the unregistered version of FRAPS, we can take 30 seconds of video, with the FRAPS watermark, and take screenshots in BMP format. The full version does not have a video watermark and the screenshots also come in JPG, PNG and TGA format.

To use FRAPS Crack , launch the app before playing and when the game starts you will see a frame rate counter in the corner of the screen, great for benchmarking. You can take screenshots and videos using a hotkey. We can take screenshots one at a time or several times with a given time interval. For videos, we can record with audio, and even a microphone, so we can easily create our step-by-step tutorials. Video production has a size disadvantage – a 3 minute video will be around 3GB, which means we need an additional application to change the format. However, FRAPS is very lightweight and shouldn’t affect the quality of the game much.

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The computer game is becoming more and more popular day by day. Due to this popularity, it is a sector for carriers to develop. When a computer game becomes popular, it should be possible to create a new game and develop an existing popular game. Nowadays, computer games are becoming the passion of the original game creator. The developer or creator of the game uses various programs to develop the game and they have to promote their game to the user or player.

Fraps Crack is the most widely used software for computer game developers. Fraps Crack is a frames per second screen capture tool using Open GL and Direct X. It is a screen capture and screen recording program for the Windows operating system. This software is developed by famous software developer Beepa. Although there are several programs of the same type, this type of flap is the most widely used in games. This is a well-known game recording program.

The great advantage of this software is that it is available in multiple languages ​​as we can use this software from any corner of the world. Use this software to play games and achieve our goal. Thanks for being with us and thanks for reading this article.

What’s new?

  • Fixed counter of those that do not appear DWM) and DX10.
  • It now supports Direct X 11.
  • Simple yet advanced layout.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Have additional functions.
  • Benchmarking program.
  • Creates AVI files larger than 4 GB.
  • Suitable for all professional and non-professional.
  • Testing.
  • Screen capture.
  • Capture real-time video in HD.
  • It shows the frame rate while recording gameplay.
  • With the help of this screen capture software, we can have a screenshot with just one click.
  • We can record video in any format with any frame rate.
  • Outputs recorded video or image in very high quality.
  • There are not many system requirements required for installation.
  • It does not take up enough space in our system because it is small in size.
  • It is easy to use for its user friendly interface.
  • With this software we can create files larger than 4 GB.
  • It even shows the frame rate while playing.
  • We support simple websites to create.
  • Small size.
  • We can make files larger than 4GB AVI.
  • The screenshot tool takes a screenshot with a simple click of a button.
  • Is there real-time video recording while playing our favorite game capture videos.
  • Videos can be shot at different quality and frame rates.
  • Captured images are always of high quality.
  • DirectX 11 Sound supported.
  • The program is easy to use and use.
  • There are no different download requirements.
  • The gameplay is present on the market.
  • Windows compatible.

System requirements:

  • Administrator rights required
  • Supports all modern processors
  • Fast capture with NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card

How to install Fraps crack?

  • Firstly, follow the download link given here.
  • Download the software available regarding.
  • Open the download folder and install the software on our computer.
  • Then open the crack file to generate an activation key.
  • Use the key to activate Fraps Crack.
  • All is ready! Restart your computer and launch the software.
  • Finally, now we can enjoy it!

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